Create Your Own Breakfast Nook

Families that eat together, stay together. While that might be an old saying, experts suggest children can enjoy higher self-esteem and less anxiety simply by eating in-sync with other family members. Most popular in the 1920s and 30s, the now-trendy breakfast nook is making a comeback.

Homework Time

A breakfast nook isn’t just for breakfast. In the afternoon or evening, a cozy breakfast nook is a great place for kids to spread out their homework or art project and get at it. Be sure to incorporate good lighting, comfy seats, and plenty of plug-ins in for their tech gear. And even when you’re cooking dinner, you’ll be right by their side should any questions arise while they work.

Sleek and Stylish

While a breakfast nook could easily conjure up a cozy country-style eating area, today’s breakfast nook options are modern and sleek. Think trendy greys with tufted backs, or slick dining sets with a combination of chairs and benches.

Classic Corner-Shaped Design

Typically a breakfast nook features a traditional corner-shaped design with built-in seats and a table. It’s accented with throw pillows you can change out with the season, plus you can add a fun chalk or white board to keep your entire family organized and on track from day-to-day.

A breakfast nook is an inexpensive and inviting way to establish a daily routine and bonding time within your own family dynamic.